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Reviews of our guests


At Inturotel we have a very clear priority: attend to and fulfil the needs and wishes of our guests. In our effort to improve and offer an excellent service we encourage our clients to give us their feedback, both during their stay through the quality control questionnaire and our new online initiative. In this section we are going to display our clients’ feedback which we receive through some of these channels: internal hotel questionnaire, Inturotel.com, travel websites and online agencies. We believe that publishing them will be very helpful for people deciding whether to spend their holiday with us.


4 Comments from our clients

    • inturotel esmeralda villas 4
      Hotel review: 2
      The villas are very satisfactory as are the pools. The reason we chose this location was the apparently good sea swimming , clean seas sailing and snorkelling. Unfortunately the sea is extremely poluted with human waste, paper, plastic and emulsified oil. My children were covered in waste and plastic after snorkelling and jumping in the sea. We complained to the associated hotel and they advised they are not responsible. The beaches are overcrowded,the shoreline filthy with waste and not regularly cleaned, if ever, despite the hotels's comments. The windsurfing and sailing school has complained to the coastguard but no action is taken. The school's attendance is much reduced as not many peaple want to sail in waste. My family went into the sea for 1 hour only during the whole week. The snorkelling showed how poluted the waters around this whole area are. We have photographs showing much of the polution, as our family and attending friends were so disgusted with the state of the area. The authorities are not making any effort to resolve this dreadful problem. We would never return to this area and consider that we have misspent our money and our week's annual holiday. I hope you will use the above information to help rectify the situation for the sake of other families. A great dissapointment. Steven Black

      Steven , United Kingdom / July 2013

    • inturotel esmeralda villas 4
      Hotel review: 9
      Excited about everything and everyone. Especially the food and entertainment.

      Burke , United Kingdom / September 2012

    • inturotel esmeralda villas 4
      Hotel review: 9
      The location of our pool was fantastic. In short, a very good experience.

      Peter , United Kingdom / September 2012

    • inturotel esmeralda villas 4
      Hotel review: 10
      Everything. We hope we return next year!

      Gisele , Germany / September 2012

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