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Festivities and street parties in Felanitx


The 19th of August is the start of the festivities of Felanitx, with a big program that begins with an opening speech and the "Nitxdel'art 21:30h " (night of the art.)

Opening speech from de Sant Agustin Festivity

Place: From the balcony of the House of Culture of Felanitx         
Time: 20.30 hours

Town crier: Andreu Maimó, an artist from Felanitx that Works with an extense variety of Technics: painting, printmaking, lithography, engraving, ceramics, sculpture. His work is characterized by a strong introspection of the Mediterranean surroundings, as you can seefrom his work with grapes and fig trees.

Festivities and street parties in Felanitx

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