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The sweet taste of Mallorca

We’d like to invite you to try our delicious ensaïmada cake, the star of all Mallorcan desserts.

Enjoy local food!

Try our rich & healthy Mallorcan cuisine here with us.

You’ll love it! 

Mouth watering cuisine

Be sure to try some of our delicious and typical dishes. Enjoy Pa amb oli, Coca de trampó and lots more.

Take our recipes home!

Why not enjoy some of your favourite Mallorcan recipes in your own home? They make the best souvenirs!

Let’s eat on the beach! 

A day full of sun, sea and laughter seated at a table caressed by the sea breeze.

Bon appetitte!

For wine gourmets

Enjoy sampling the long list of special wines from the island. An abundance of new flavours awaits you!