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The most beautiful villages of Mallorca

March 11, 2024
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Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is a unique destination that combines breathtaking natural beauty with unparalleled cultural richness. To discover the true essence of the island, it is necessary to explore some of its most emblematic villages. Today, from Inturotel, we would like to invite you to explore some of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. We hope this guide will serve as a reference to help you make the most of your stay on our sunny island.

Fornalutx - one of the most picturesque villages in Mallorca

Declared one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, this little corner seems frozen in time, offering visitors a unique experience. The history of this village began around 1,000 years ago, when it was a small Arab farm. After the Catalan conquest, Fornalutx began its expansion to become the village we know today. Thanks to its location in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range, Fornalutx is, without a doubt, a must on your route around Mallorca.

Valldemossa - culture and a special charm

With its cultural legacy permeating every corner, Valldemossa is a symphony of history and charm. This picturesque village, located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, captivates with its well-preserved architecture and cobbled streets. A valley surrounds the village of stone houses overlooked by the Royal Carthusian Monastery, the church of San Bartomeu and the Palace of King Sancho. Valldemossa is known for several historical facts, such as the birth in 1531 of Santa Catalina Thomas, the only Majorcan Saint. This beautiful village was also the destination chosen by Frédéric Chopin and the French writer George Sand to spend the winter of 1838.

Pic by World of Lina

Sóller and Port de Sóller - in the heart of the orange valley

Sóller and its picturesque port offer visitors a unique experience in the middle of the orange valley. If we may give you some advice, we would recommend you to take the vintage train from Palma to Sóller. In the village, the neo-Gothic church of Sant Bartomeu, built in the 13th century, whose towers were designed by Joan Rubid, a disciple of Gaudí, stands out. You can get from the village to the port on the old tram, a ride that seems to have been taken from another time. The port has a relaxed atmosphere and a wide variety of restaurants and cafés invite you to spend the afternoon enjoying the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.


Santanyí - crafts, music and history

Santanyí is a town with a rich history and culture. The organ of Santanyí is one of the 9 European organs that have been included in the European Historical Organ Association (ECHO, Switzerland), making it the instrument of reference in Spain for musicians and scholars. This town is also known for the local festivals that are held here, such as the Festes de Sant Jaume, the Festival Internacional de Música Vila de Santanyí or the Fiestas de San Cristóbal. Last but not least, Santanyí is one of the villages with the greatest wealth of craftsmanship, with a long tradition in ceramics, jewellery, basketry and local gastronomy.

Pic by Stefania Boglioli

Felanitx - a mountain village steeped in history

You may be surprised to know that Felanitx, located in the southeast of Mallorca, has a large wine industry and a large caper crop, for which it has become famous. Moreover, it is the town that has seen the birth of great Balearic artists, such as the three times National Prize winner, Miquel Barceló and the talented sculptor Jaume Canet. If you are visiting Felanitx, we recommend you visit the Santueri Castle, which is built on Arab ruins and has spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the village. On the other hand, the Monastery of Son Salvador offers panoramic views of the island of Cabrera and Cap de Formentor. The Convent of San Agustín, founded in 1603 by the Augustinian order, is also open to the public. One of the must-visits in Felanitx is its popular Sunday market, where you can discover all kinds of local products and handicrafts.

Mancor de la Vall - Majorcan authenticity

With a wealth of history and only 1,500 inhabitants, Mancor de la Vall is located in the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana, in Es Raiguer de Mallorca. The event for which it is best known is undoubtedly the 'Fira de l'esclatasang' (Mushroom Fair), when the mushroom picking season is celebrated and the streets are filled with small stalls and workshops.

Pic by abcMallorca

Capdepera - a village with a medieval air

Capdepera, built as a result of a decree by King Jaume II in 1300 AD to protect its citizens and sea routes from invaders and pirate attacks, is a clear example of Mallorca's rich history. Its impressive castle is the first thing you notice as soon as you arrive in the village. Inside the castle, it is worth visiting the church of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, built in the 14th century and enlarged in the 16th century, and the tower of Miquel Nunis, a defensive element from the Islamic period, as both offer the best panoramic views of the surroundings and allow us to understand the reasons that led King James II to order its construction. Among the remains of the castle are its Gothic wall and the four annexed towers (the tower of Ses Dames, the tower of Costerans, the tower of Sa Boira and the tower of Banya).

Banyalbufar - nature and wines

Banyalbufar captivates visitors with its terraced terraces, offering a unique natural spectacle, thanks to its idyllic location between the sea and the mountains. This village is also the starting point for a long list of hiking routes, making it a popular destination for sports lovers. It is worth mentioning that Banyalbufar is the site where one of the oldest grape varieties in Mallorca is grown, the 'malvasia'. This variety is very aromatic, with a high polyphenolic content and rich in sugars.


We hope you have enjoyed this selection of charming villages in Mallorca and that you will add some of these destinations to your bucket list for this year. From the 22nd of March onwards, we will be delighted to welcome you to Inturotel, our very own Majorcan oasis in Cala d'Or.


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