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Cala d’Or

Slowdown and explore authentic coves

May 09, 2023
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Slowdown Hotels discover places where you can enjoy authentic living, feel the local environment, and get re-energized. Cala d'Or and Inturotel "hotels with soul" are strategically located in one of the most beautiful spots on Mallorca, where you can discover the authentic and exciting nature of the southeastern part of the island.


Mondragó and Caló d'es Moro

The beauty of authentic Balearic nature is, of course, also the emerald coves, sharp cliffs towering over the crystal waters, and the sandy beaches that ornate the shore like a necklace. The south-eastern coast of Mallorca is a string of heavenly coves. The air is filled with the scent of salt and pine trees, you can literally breathe well-being, and the views calm the soul and fill the heart. Although these popular beaches are well visited during the summer months, they count at all times as some of the most beautiful experiences where you can relax your mind and body and enjoy the natural benefits of nature.

Cala Mondrago is part of a Natural Park. A large car park is located outside the entrance to the protected area. The parking is very well organized, you can pay for the whole day and you can also drive off and return with the same parking ticket. The atmosphere depends on what time of year you visit the beach, but there is a good number of hiking trails along the cliff edges from Calo des Borgit to Cala S'Amarador, that are available as early as the spring and will stun you with enchanting views. In July and August it may be too hot for longer hikes, but in May, June, September, and October the high rocks are sure to be a real slowdown experience, where you'll feel the full beauty of Mallorca's nature.

The landscape of Caló d'es Moro and s'Almunia

Beaches of Calo des Moro and S'Almunia are two of the most beautiful beaches, very much like the tropical heavens of the Srilankan beaches thanks to the large stones buried in the sandy shore. Calo des Moro is located in the Migjorn Marine and fishing Reserve. This kind of Reserves are created to stop degradation and to preserve sanctuaries for valuous species, posidonia praderies work as fish nurseries and are crucial for oxigenate the sea and help to mantain the beaches pristine and wild. The tranparency of the waters is ralated to this underwater forests health.

If you really want to get a feel for the nature here, plan your visit to southeast Mallorca in May or October, before or after the summer season peaks, as this little piece of heaven is one of the most sought-after locations during the summer months. It's too early to go swimming in May, but in October you're sure to have a first-class and unforgettable experience.


Slow bohemian life with authentic touch

Choosing a hotel is paramount for your holiday, guiding and directing you to new experiences. Inturotel Hotels combine the authenticity of their surroundings with modern comfort and a big soul. When you experience southeast Mallorca through Inturotel, you will feel the "slowdown effect" of the Island people.

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