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Mallorca by bike

January 31, 2024
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Discovering Mallorca by bike is, undoubtedly, a unique and exhilarating experience. In this new post we’re going to step into the exciting world of travelling on two wheels by interviewing a true expert in the field: Peter Metuzals, a Canadian who loves Mallorca and organises unforgettable cycling experiences over the island with Inturotel as their base camp and starting point. Why not join us on this adventure?

Mallorca by bike

Coming from such a distant country, how did you find out about Mallorca? And how many years have you been coming to Mallorca and where were you the first time?

In 1998 I was invited by my best friends to visit Mallorca and I saw how beautiful it was and what a fantastic place it would be ride a bicycle and bring guests. So, we have been coming since 1998 with several years off after 9/11 and of course 2 years during the Pandemic.  Therefore almost 25 years and we have come several times 2 times a year. That is in October as well.

Was your arrival in Mallorca for cycling or tourism?

I always came for cycling as Mallorca is world know for a great cycling island. It is a mecca for a cycling. It is a dream for a cyclist to ride here in the springtime and see the complete island.

How did you discover Inturotel Esmeralda Park? Maybe by bike? And why did you choose Cala d'Or and not another area of Mallorca?

The same friends introduced me to the German National Cycling Team who used this Hotel in 1999/2000 and who used this area as a training camp site.

Cala d'Or

When did you start organizing cycling groups?

I started this business in 1998 and we do some tours in Canada and the US, but since I was working full time, I needed to use my holiday time to work on the Mallorca trips.

Do you only organize groups for Mallorca, or do you also go to other destinations?

I thought many times of changing hotels, but I have never found an argument that helps. The hotel is beautiful. The sea is here. The rooms are big — bedroom, dining room, small kitchen, and a very big veranda. And the staff is very helpful. And since the staff know who I am and who the Canadians are, we felt very comfortable. The relationship we have at this hotel is wonderful. Overall, the hotel is clean, reliable and the food is always good with lot variety.

I guess organizing groups is a hobby for you. Could you tell me what is or was your profession in Canada? 

For the last 7 years I have my own Marketing company. I help customers with marketing plans and strategies, sponsorship proposal, fundraising — that is looking for money. My expertise is putting partnerships together and making sure all parties are satisfied.

After so many years cycling around the island, do you think you still have routes to discover?

There are so many beautiful small roads in Mallorca. This trip I discovered 2 new ones.  We prefer the smaller road since they have less traffic. Every year we discover new roads.

We know you love the area of Cala D'Or, but we would like to know what other areas of Mallorca interest you.

We do enjoy the mountains as they are spectacular. To ride a bike every day in the Mountains is not something I want to do. We want our customers to see as much of the island as possible. Here in Cala D’or we can do that.

man on bicycle

As an ambassador of Inturotel in Canada, how many Canadians have you managed to attract to come more than once?

We have an 80% return rate. With many customers coming more than 2 or 3 times. People are so in love with Mallorca that they are always depressed when they go home. They love the riding here, they especially love sitting on the patio outside after the long day of riding and enjoying a beer and talking about everything. That is best part of everyone. For many customers the social aspect — being with people, meeting new people, talking laughing, eating, drinking makes them lifelong friends. The hotel keeps the group together.

We have a large data base of customers, and we know they all love Mallorca. Some still come but others want to stay in a big finca and experience something else.

Great Hotel. Great People. Great scenery. Great experience. Great customer service — well worth their while.


Come and explore the island’s most striking landscapes, enjoy the local culture and cuisine and on your return relax in your home from home by the sea with Inturotel Hotels & Resort.

Let’s get pedalling!

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