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Aldaba Foundation

November 08, 2023
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At Inturotel we are not just dedicated to offering our guests unforgettable experiences; we are also proud to collaborate with organisations that work tirelessly to improve the lives of the people who are most in need. On this occasion, we would like to present the Fundación Aldaba and its positive impact in our community and beyond. Last winter we funded part of the furnishing for its new flat within the ‘Llar des Cocó’ programme. 

What is the Llar des Cocó?

The Llar is a programme for children and adolescents aged from 4 to 17 who have been in care or fostered in Mallorca under the auspices of IMAS (the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs). It also works with children and adolescents who are not resident in Mallorca but whose protection corresponds to IMAS by its decision as the body responsible for child welfare in Mallorca or by decision of the courts or of the State Counsel’s Office,

Niños merendando

The foundation’s purpose is… 

- To provide children with physical and emotional stability so that they can develop fully as people and acquire personal and social skills (the development of biophysical, intellectual, social and affective capacities).

- To promote and fulfil the rights of children in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of 20 November 1989.

- To offer them a setting that teaches them how to differentiate between the family situation they have experienced and a more welcoming and normalised setting (schooling, positive affective relationships, restorative experiences, etc.) to help them internalise and understand their personal history and to mitigate the potential aftereffects of the situations they have experienced so that they can develop optimally in adult life. This support is educational and therapeutic.

- To support and guide families in acquiring and/or modifying parenting skills and other factors that have contributed to causing difficulties in the family situation.

- To promote the children’s socialisation.

- Psychological training for children, in line with the Intervention Programmes (definitive separation, fostering...)

children's hands

The foundation’s general objectives are…

To offer reference models and positive experiences, providing a welcoming atmosphere that creates trust and security so that minors can adapt to their new situation, develop through integral education and progress towards the acquisition of socialisation.

To ensure that the Llar provides an orderly framework for coexistence to make sure there is an atmosphere that makes teaching–learning processes possible.

To facilitate the minors’ social integration through the use of the social resources of the environment, helping them to acquire the life, social and emotional skills necessary to face reality with the appropriate personal resources to solve problems.

To provide family support and guidance, from the home’s Working with Families programme, network–community work, and local social services and Child Protection 

To accentuate the individualisation and personalisation of the educational action with each child who lives in the Llar by: 

-       placing special importance on the child’s arrival at the Llar to facilitate a sense of security and adaptation

-       individualised planning of the rules for the child’s organisation and functioning in the centre

-       offering personal space

-       respecting cultural and ethnic origins

-       planning work individually

-       paying particular attention to the deficits, deprivations and traumas suffered.

The psycho-socioeducational project is developed through specific intervention programmes with the aim of the children achieving knowledge, strategies and attitudes that they do not have and that they need for optimal development.

people studing

These programmes have the following objectives:

a)     Intellectual/cognitive development; the objective of this is to develop psychomotor skills, linguistic skills, learning skills (for example, workshops in English, study techniques, etc.).

b)     Developing instrumental skills; the objective of this is to develop skills relating to personal autonomy and social skills (e.g. workshops in philosophical theatre, music, eco decoration and others).

c)     Affective-emotional development to help build self-confidence, self-esteem, emotional self-regulation… (this includes the affective–sexual education and emotional education workshops, among others).

d)     Physical development and health; this includes the sports workshop and the substance use prevention workshop.


At Inturotel we want to thank the Fundación Aldaba for its tireless work and we hope that this post has inspired you as much as us. By enjoying your holidays with Inturotel, you indirectly contribute to our corporate responsibility programme, which includes this excellent initiative. Thank you for making this possible!

Together we can make a difference and build a world where solidarity and empathy are the foundations of our society.


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