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Felanitx and its artists: tradition and avant-garde hand in hand

May 02, 2024
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In the heart of the Mediterranean, amidst crystal-clear waters, with breathtaking cliffs and charming villages, lies the fascinating island of Mallorca. In this corner of the Balearic Islands, creativity flows, nourished by centuries of history, culture and tradition. Great local artists act as guardians of this rich heritage, and through their works, they manage to capture the essence of Mallorca, fusing tradition with innovation and talent.

On this journey through the island's artistic universe, we will discover some of its most outstanding exponents: Rafel Joan, Miquel Barceló, Andreu Maimó, Jaume Roig, Jaume Canet and Jaume Prohens. All of them were born in Felanitx or live in this beautiful town.

Rafel Joan: The Majorcan surrealist

With a palette of colours that defy reality, Rafel Joan, born and raised in Felanitx, is a painter who explores the limits of your imagination. His works, imbued with a vibrant surrealism, transport the viewer to dreamlike worlds populated by fantastic creatures and surreal landscapes. Joan defies artistic conventions, creating a universe of his own where magic and reality manage to intertwine in a sublime way. His art brings us back to our most primitive feelings and senses.

In 2013, Es Baluard offered a spectacular retrospective of his paintings from 1983 to 2013. A painter with the soul of a child and a tireless explorer.

Miquel Barceló: The visionary of contemporary art

Known all over the world for his unique and innovative style, Miquel Barceló is a giant of contemporary Majorcan art and a native of Felanitx. His work, which ranges from painting to sculpture and ceramics, is a reflection of his avant-garde vision and his deep roots in the culture of Mallorca. Barceló defies the boundaries between art and life, creating works that transcend time and space.

Highlights in his career include 'La Capella del Santíssim', the Cathedral of the City of Mallorca and 'The dome of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva'.

Andreu Maimó: The painter and sculptor of nature

An artist whose work breathes the very essence of Mallorca. Originally from Cas Concos de Cavaller, Felanitx, Andreu Maimó finds his inspiration in the nature that surrounds him. He also has a long list of paintings with an obsession: "fig trees" in all their phases, even after a fire that devastated part of the mountainside of San Salvador.

Maimó has also created spectacular lithograph and woodcut works.

Jaume Roig: Ceramics, sculpture and painting

Born in 1981 in Palma de Mallorca, Jaume Roig trained in the field of ceramics and found a need to express himself beyond utilitarian ceramics, thus venturing into the world of sculpture and painting. He defines his creation as 'synthesised nature', an investigation into abstract spaces and fragments of natural elements.

His source of inspiration: Mallorca, its landscapes, its colours, its essence.

Jaume Canet: The master of blacksmithing and sculpture

Another of Felanitx's artists and prodigal sons is Jaume Canet, a blacksmith since the age of 16 who has found an escape route in art. Jaume defines himself as a craftsman, but in reality, he is much more than that. Among the most recurrent figures in his creative process, you’ll find eyes, fruit bowls and vaginas, a combination that is as unique as it is untraditional.

Jaume is an enfant terrible of Balearic culture. Eccentricity and creativity go hand in hand.

Jaume Prohens: The felanitxer representative of abstract art

Jaume Prohens is an artist known for his large-format abstract paintings. His creations find inspiration in microscopic life in movement, as well as the collision and fluidity of the elements in nature. Undoubtedly, his long career positions him as one of the great local artists of Mallorca.

In Mallorca, art is more than creative expression; it is the soul of our island, a manifestation of its identity and indomitable spirit. At Inturotel, we celebrate art in all its forms and take deep pride in our island roots that create so much talent.

The eyes and hands of artists such as Rafel Joan, Miquel Barceló, Andreu Maimó, Jaume Roig, Jaume Canet and Jaume Prohens, reveal the magic and beauty of this Balearic land, where culture and tradition intertwine to create an eternal legacy. We invite you to discover them on your next visit to Mallorca, because "ART is the food of the SOUL".


Potos Andreu Maimo: @eltempssetmanari
Photo Jaume Canet: Última Hora
Photo Rafael Joan: Es Baluard

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