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Bohemian Cala d'Or

July 05, 2023
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It is Cala d'Or that has the spirit of Ibiza at its heart, but with the commitment of Mallorca's dedication to nature and to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. So don't just explore the beaches here, let yourself be captivated by the authentic beauty of the land, the historical sites, the friendliness of the locals, and the typical small stone villages that will capture your heart and will stay with you forever as an authentic experience.


Cala d'Or is one of Mallorca's most beautiful and authentic towns, where the architectural code of low, classic Mallorcan houses and villas with typical white facades applies. The old town centre, which is hidden alongside the new modern part of the harbour, still retains the typical bohemian spirit that is also retained and present in more modern parts of the town.

The Cala d'Or coast is rugged and wild, with many coves with sandy shores open for swimming. One of the most beautiful bays, Cala Esmeralda, is gem-encrusted in the heart of Inturotel. The location of the hotels is a real "slowdown" haven, as they have private access to the bay and are somewhat removed from the town centre and the main traffic routes. They offer an authentic retreat where you can experience the luxury of comfortable seaside living, mixed with the bohemian spirit that is so characteristic of the Spanish islands.

With inturotel hotels with soul you can experience the real Mediterranean lifestyle.


A day passes differently if you spend just a fraction of it on a bike. When you discover the beauty of nature on a bike, life sprouts. From your bike, you can feel the true pulse of the island, connect with authentic nature and discover new dimensions hidden in the authentic villages of Mallorca. Only then you can actually feel the true soul of the Inturotel Hotels, inspired by the colours and temperament of an authentic environment.


The surroundings of the Inturotel Hotels offer a lot, but the experience is really special when you discover the nearby traditional villages with a bicycle. Instead of a car, rent an e-bike for a few days and get to know the authentic life of the island. This will make it easier and quicker to access certain trails and vantage points, while perhaps most importantly doing that in a more sustainable and nature-friendly way - which is why the first step is so easy. You can easily rent a bike from the hotel’s partner rental shop Marimonte and ride to the nearby village of S'Horta to enjoy a cup of coffee. On the map, choose the sandy road - Carrer Ca'n Marines - which crosses Mallorca's fields of olive groves, sheep pastures, and farms... A beautiful road where you'll discover the challenges and beauty of farming on the island. The colour contrasts of the sandy path, the red soil and the green canopies are a feast for the eyes and bring joy to the heart.



Entering the traditional Mallorcan village of S'Horta, note its typical church of Sant Isidre de l'Horta and continue along the main road (Carrer d'en Jaume Prohens M-4012) to the football pitch at the end of the village, where you turn left past the landmark of Sa Lleona, along the asphalt road that will soon lead you to one of the most beautiful authentic areas of Mallorca, backed by Santueri Castle. The castle stands on a 423-meter-high hill and is fortified by imposing walls and towers that offer an outstanding view of the entire southeastern coast of Mallorca. The archaeological remains inside the castle date back to the Roman occupation of the island, and the history lesson is well worth attending. From here we recommend you continue your journey to the coastal town of Portocolom, north of Cala d'Or.



Portocolom will inspire you with its relaxed and colourful nature, being a much more local town than Cala d'Or, with a traditional town centre and harbour character. This is why boats and barges bob in the coastal waters, and in the back arm of the harbour you'll see the fishing boats that the townspeople used in the past, and still use today, to catch fish in the traditional way. Life here is slow and inspiringly relaxed.


Many authentic cafés and restaurants are sprinkled along the coast, inviting you to take a pause and appreciate a pleasant summer atmosphere. Why visit this small town? Perhaps because it's named after Christopher Columbus, who is said to have been born here. Portocolom was once a port town from which wine was exported from Mallorca to France until the late 19th century.

Since you're on a bicycle, you can spice up your return to Cala d'Or by visiting the wild beach of Cala Sa Nau, which is easily accessible by bicycle, thus avoiding the trouble of searching for a parking space, most of which is often occupied during the day in summer. Cala Sa Nau is an L-shaped stretch of coast and offers a whimsical atmosphere throughout the day where you can experience a true "slowdown effect".

Explore Cala d’Or and nearby beautiful bays and villages with Inturotel and discover the authentic and exciting nature of the southeastern part of the island. 

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