Total Wellbeing 

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An island paradise made for disconnection. At the Inturotel Esmeralda Garden you will feel refreshed in mind and body as you explore the beautiful surroundings, try beach yoga classes and enjoy our resort wellness area. Find your inner peace with Inturotel.

Yoga on the beach 

Breathe in the gentle sea breeze while you enjoy our sunrise yoga sessions.

Here guests can start their day with a unique yoga class on the sands of Cala Esmeralda or in our beautiful gardens. Classes run everyday Monday to Friday from May to October (Dates subject to change).

Hari om tat sat!

Slow Travel 

Our location is perfect for those who appreciate the outdoors and like travelling at their own pace. Leave the rush behind and go calmly, Mallorca offers lovely walks, natural treasures, great hiking routes and wonderful bird watching opportunities.

Try a mindfulness walk along the coast!

Healthy Holiday Diet 

You can reap the benefits of one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet.

Look after your health on holiday and choose from our delicious healthy options available at our buffet and why not also try our scrumptious vegetarian choices.

Bon appetit!

Forest & Sea Baths 

“Shinrin-yoku” in Japanese means bathing in the forest atmosphere. It is scientifically proven that it can be great for your health. It is not exercise; it’s simply being in nature, connecting with it through our 5 senses.

Merge yourself with nature!

Walks & Bird Watching 

The hotel surroundings offer lovely walks and great hiking routes to enjoy this hobby. If you are a bird enthusiast don’t forget your binoculars to contemplate these beautiful creatures.

Near the coast: Falco eleonorae, Phalacrocoracidae, Monticola solitarius, Apus apus, Puffinus mauretanicus… On the countryside: Alectoris rufa, Upupa epops, Carduelis carduelis, Milvus milvus… Harder to see: Merops apiaster, Alcedo atthis… (Try it practicing paddle surfing in calm hours).

Enjoy nature!

Bike instead of car

If you are also concerned about climate change and sustainability why not lower your carbon footprint on holiday?

The perfect way to explore the island, you will easily reach virgin beaches, lovely countryside, stunning villages, natural parks...

The more adventurous can cycling around the Serra de Tramuntana or climb Sant Salvador (509 m high and only 12 kms from the hotel). Book with with our partner, and get special discounts booking