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The Art of hospitality in Mallorca
Our Vision

We love our customers, but we can’t live without our fans. We are delighted to welcome you to Mallorca, known as the island of calm.

One of our commitments is the preservation of Mallorca’s heritage to the next generations. Loving your country and spreading this love to the world make sustainability possible.

We are island people, be our guest and taste the feeling of being an islander.

A World of Fans!


Our Mision

Our mission is to delight and inspire our fans to plan their dream holiday in Mallorca, and provide them a warm welcome to the Island of calm.

We would like to share with our beloved guests the love and gratitude for our land, its people and culture.

We are also committed to continuous improvement to make the difference.

Providing the best hospitality in Mallorca!

Delighting our guests

We are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations by surprising them with our ability to anticipate and fulfil their wishes.

We love to help our guests to get to know the local life and beautiful Mallorca impressive landscapes and traditions. And share with them our secrets for good life: the sun, the sea breeze, the Mediterranean diet, a slow pace, a dip in the turquoise waters, a siesta, the scent of pinetrees…

Enjoy it all staying in one of our hotels with soul.


Acting with responsability

We keep integrity, fairness and honesty in all our relationships and in everything that we do. We are very concerned about climate change and have the commitment to do our best to reduce our foot print introducing green energies and reducing the use of plastic and fossil fuels.

We are commited with our community and very proud to collaborate with international and local institutions such UNICEF, ALDABA…

Loving your country and spreading this love to the world make sustainability possible. We would like to share with our fans this love for our land, its people and its culture.


Working together & careers

We value diversity and bring out the best in our people by investing in their personal development and enabling a fulfilling career with the company and beyond. We pay special attention in gender equality and provide a caring, motivating and rewarding environment for all.

We believe in teamwork and we treat each other with mutual trust and respect. By working together cooperatively and inclusively, we all contribute, and are part of, the company’s success.

Our History

We have a long and established history as a family run hotel chain and we are proud of our mallorcan roots.

For more than 30 years, Inturotel has been established in the vibrant Cala d’Or as a leader in hospitality.

We began with the opening of Inturotel Esmeralda Park in 1987 with an unbeatable location overlooking Cala Esmeralda.

The idyllic surroundings including a natural parc, stunning coves and beaches, enchanting villages, and the whitewashed Mediterranean architecture of the resort, are a pole of attraction for Mallorca visitors.

The Group Today

Today we are firmly established in Mallorca. All our properties are located in Cala d’Or, and we are proud of this fact.

Our goals are not to be big and everywhere but to provide high quality service in our beloved island,  in an environment that balance vibrant lifestyle and calm.

Looking to the future... while we continue to grow, our aim is not to have a number of hotels…, but to be recognized as providing the very best in Mallorca hospitality.

Our Vision for the near Future

Our commitment with the preservation of Mallorca’s heritage to the next generations. To preserve its language, its gastronomy, its landscapes... Loving your country and spreading this love to the world make sustainability possible

As we grow, we will continue to invest behind our 500 dedicated colleagues, who provide extraordinary service, based on our mallorcan heritage, and who remain our most valuable resource.

Hospitality is the fine art of interacting guests and hosts. The future we dream is taking this to the next level…

Awards for our quality and excellence

Medal winner