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Seu Mallorca


"La Seu de Mallorca" is a must see, so write down the Palma Cathedral as a mandatory visit. Did you know that the rosette of the Cathedral with its 13 meters in diameter is the largest Gothic rosette in the world? It is known as "the eye of the Gothic." Its spectacular polychromy is due to the 1,236 crystals that make it up. And not only that, on February 2 and November 11 this rosette becomes the protagonist of the famous show of eight. A phenomenon that makes thousands of people get up early every year who don't want to miss it.

Completed in 1601, until recently it has been undergoing renovations and extensions to house elements of Gaudí or Miquel Barceló between its walls.
Remember you can't miss this European Gothic jewel with its museum just an hour from your hotel.

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