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Mallorca an island to eat it!


Also called Sa Roqueta by its inhabitants and Balearis Maior (the largest) by the Romans. Mallorca is the largest and most varied of the Balearic Islands.

With so much to see in Mallorca, it will surely whet your appetite. The particular cuisine of the island is the result of a long history and the successive civilizations that conquered the island, through Phoenicians, Muslims, Jews and Christians.

 The Mallorcan cuisine is a delicious reflection of the climate, the land and the history of the island. Typical and unique dishes are ensaimada, Majorcan soups, tumbet, trampó and sobrasada among many other delicacies characteristic of the different localities of the island.

In Inturotel you will find the best selection of native products in its buffets and restaurants. All the flavor of Mallorca and the true Mediterranean diet without leaving your hotel.


Opening Inturotel
Opening Inturotel
We have a new season and Cala d'Or is enjoying a magnificent average of 28 degrees a day. The sun is accompanying the open inturotel hotels (inturotel esmeralda park and inturotel resort), which will be available for the rest of the summer in compliance with sanitary measures. Take the opportunity to get away and enjoy the mild climate of Cala d'Or and Mallorca at our inturotel resort.
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