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Inturotel Hotels & Resorts has collaborated with the scientist Ana Payo Payo in expedition to Antarctica


Inturotel Hotels & Resorts has collaborated with the Spanish scientist Ana Payo Payo in a prestigious international project with scientists from around the world, to carry out an expedition in Antarctica within the Homeward Bound project.

Homeward Bound is a pioneering and innovative international initiative that integrates gender equality, climate change and leadership in the scientific, political and social spheres. The program brings together 70 scientists from around the world who will receive personal and specialized training over the next year in leadership techniques, team management, international relations, preparation and financing of projects and collective intelligence. The grand finale of the program is an expedition to Antarctica for three weeks.


Turn each of the participants into experts in leadership.
Create a collaborative, non-hierarchical network of scientists working to contribute to the protection of the planet.
Promote the visibility of women and facilitate their incorporation in the decision-making process.

Through a virtual program of leadership training for 12 months.
3 weeks of Antarctic Expedition.
12 days of intensive leadership and strategy training from experts such as Kit Jackson or Fabian Dattner.
6 days of specialized training in climate change taught by Australian academics.

Exclusive advantages
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