6000 followers on Facebook!!

6000 followers on Facebook!!

From Inturotel we would like to share an amazing piece of news: WE HAVE REACHED 6000 FOLLOWERS ON FACEBOOK!!

And this is, obviously, thanks to the amazing guests we have in all our hotels and how active they are in our social media portals. We are so glad that our Facebook page has reached such a milestone of followers because that means that you care and that you enjoy with all our posts and pictures!

In order to celebrate, we have asked for the invaluable help of our youngest guests. Together with the entertainment team, they have made and painted those amazing numbers and then their families and Turo have joined the fun!

We hope we can keep on getting more and more followers and we can keep on celebrating!

Thank you all for sticking around! Keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Which one will we be celebrating next?

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