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Cala Figuera

Car route: From Cala d'Or drive to Santanyí and from here to Cala Figuera (approximately 18 Km).

What to do: When you go to Cala Figuera you are immersed in the most authentic side of Mediterranean life. It is a very long, narrow natural harbour that has been used since time immemorial. In Cala Figuera the houses, the port itself and even the boats, in particular the "llaüt", the traditional Mallorcan sailing vessel, are living witnesses to the essence of life in the Mare Nostrum. Here we can still find a large number of traditional fishing boats which moor at the foot of the fishermen's houses near the "escars" (shelters dug out of the rock where boats are kept and protected). The undeniable beauty and charm of this singular port has been a source of inspiration to singers like Maria del Mar Bonet and a host of painters. When evening falls, the arrival of the fishing boats with their catch is an authentic spectacle, well worth witnessing. We recommend a walk around the edge of the port (you may have to take off your shoes to avoid the water), taking some unforgettable photos or enjoying an ice cream on a terrace overhanging the waters of this magical cove (which is not a beach but a natural harbour).

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